Sponsorship Information

Your little sincerity is a great power for them.

<Sponsorship Guideline>

Your donations will be used to support these following Naeunnuri projects.

Cambodia School Construction Support Medical Assistance SUpport
Build schools for the children who came from poor families. Help our medical service with various materials, assistants, and domestic staffs.
Educational Materials Support Slum Area Support
Providing school supplies to give a better education. Deliver basic necessities to the underprivileged population in slum area.
다문화청소년을 위한 한국어 교육 장학사업
국내 다문화 청소년들을 대상으로 한 한국어 교육을 진행하고 있습니다. 국내 저소득층 청소년들을 위한 장학금을 지원하고 있습니다.

<How to Donate>

Sponsors can apply for regular donations by phone and website, or send the donations directly to Naeunnuri account.

1. Donation By Phone and Bank Account

Contact Number


Sponsorship Bank Account

Kookmin Bank 559501-01-325731

Busan Bank 101-2028-6276-06

(Account Name : Naeunnuri Corporation 사단법인 나은누리)

2. Donation application via website

Banner-sponsorship Donation
부산시 금정구 금강로 651-1 (남산동) | 사단법인 나은누리 | 대표자 장현주 | 사업자번호 357-82-00047
대표전화 051-512-0698 | Fax 051-512-0694 | email : naeun@naeunnuri.org